How Much Does It Cost to Clear a Blocked Drain?

A blocked drain can cause a lot of problems at home. It’s not only inconvenient to wait for the bath or dishwater to drain completely. If left unfixed, a blocked drain can lead to other plumbing problems like leaks and burst pipes. Not to mention, some blockages can also emit foul odours and sanitary issues that can lead to health problems.

In short, you have to clear a blocked drain right away for safety and health reasons. How do you go about it? Here are some things to think about.

Who Can Unblock My Drain?

For minor blockages, some homeowners might opt for DIY solutions. Pouring hot water or baking soda and vinegar into the drain (and then rinsing with hot water), using a bent wire hanger to “fish” the gunk out, or getting a couple of bottles of commercially available drain-cleaning products. The problem with these DIY fixes is that they might not work for long or might not work at all. In the case of chemicals, these might actually cause bigger troubles in the long run since they can corrode the components of your plumbing system.

The best way is still to contact a professional blocked drains plumber. This way, you can be sure that the blockage will be removed completely and safely. Moreover, working with a professional plumber will also ensure that the results will last.

How Much Do Plumbers Charge to Clear a Blocked Drain?

The primary reason why there are those who are hesitant to hire plumbers is the cost. The thing is that if you do things on your own, it’s possible that you could make the blockage worse. In the end, you’ll actually have to hire a plumber and then the cost would be higher.

That being said, plumbers charge different rates depending on the scope of the job and how complex it is. For common or simple blockages like a blocked toilet or kitchen drain, the cost can be anywhere between $80 to $200. For something more serious, like a short stretch of blocked drain pipes, the average fee would be $200 to $500. For extreme blockages, you can expect to pay $500 or more. Finally, for situations when large sections or your entire plumbing system have to be replaced, the cost can reach $5,000 to $20,000.

How Do Plumbers Fix Blocked Drains?

Plumbers have different equipment to deal with blocked drains since blockages can be caused by a lot of things. Some tools that plumbers use include good ol’ plungers, a drain machine, a plumber’s snake, and a plumber’s snake with a high-definition camera attached. The latter is usually used to identify and remove blockages, and to determine whether there’s a need for further repairs. Sometimes, plumbers also use hydro-jets or high-pressure clearing systems, which are commonly seen in commercial applications.

When it comes to clearing a blocked drain, it’s best to not spare any expense. A small problem that’s left unattended or fixed improperly can lead to more serious trouble later on. Call a plumber and get your blocked drain cleared ASAP and get your daily life back to normal.


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