Leak Assistance – $100 Rebate

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When it comes to water leaks, not all of them are easily identifiable. Sometimes it can be difficult to know where the source of the leak is and how you can address it. If left unchecked, a small leak can cost you hundreds of dollars worth of bills and repairs annually. This makes it extremely important to repair any leaks before they become a major problem.

If you live near the Perth area and you’re experiencing a water leak, you can obtain a $100 rebate when you have the leak repaired by us. All you need to do is follow these 3 simple steps to claim your rebate and eliminate that leak once and for all.

Step 1: Confirm the water leak

Confirm that you have a water leak using Water Corporations online water leak detection tool. It’s easy to use and will help you diagnose any leakage within your property in less than 15 minutes!

Step 2: Book with Property Plumbing

The next step is to book an appointment with Property Plumbing. 

Our licensed plumber will arrive at your doorstep and deal with any leak-related issues you may have.

After our plumber has repaired the leak, we will note down the following information to allow you to claim your rebate:

  • Take note of your meter number
  • Conduct a meter reading after the repair is finished
  • Provide a complete description of the repairs made
  • Determine if a master solenoid valve or manual isolation valve is installed

Step 3: Claiming your rebate

Once everything is finished, you can now submit a leak assistance application form to apply for a rebate. Upon approval, your $100 rebate will be applied to your next water bill. Keep in mind that rebates are limited and we suggest that you submit your application as soon as the repairs are finished. 

Terms and conditions apply. To ensure that you qualify for a rebate, kindly view our list down below:

  • Applications must be submitted before June 15, 2021
  • You must be a residential property owner within the Perth area
  • Only one rebate per property
  • Your property must be connected to a water scheme
  • The leaks must be repaired by a licensed plumber
  • A copy of the invoice from the plumber that includes their plumber’s licence number.

There’s never been a better time to have your water leak repaired than today! Follow these steps to enjoy a $100 rebate and address any leaking issues for good.


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Leak Assistance – $100 Rebate

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