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A leaking toilet doesn’t just make your life unpleasant. When left unchecked, even a small leak can waste hundreds of dollars. It can even damage your walls and flooring. Good thing Property Plumbing & Gas knows a thing or two about leaking toilets – and how to repair them, the right way.

Property Plumbing & Gas has for years been the go-to for thousands of property owners in and around Perth. If you have a leaking tap or toilet, you can rest assured we can take care of your leaking toilets and taps repair and any other plumbing and gas issues you might have.

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Service Overview

Sometimes home and business owners take a lot of time to get around to fixing a leaking toilet, especially if the leak only amounts to a few drops every few hours or so. While it might not seem like such a problem, at first, even a small leak can end up costing you thousands of dollars in repairs if it isn’t addressed immediately.

Here are just a few reasons why even a small toilet leak can be a serious issue:

  • The leak might be bigger than you think. While you might only see a small puddle or a few drops of water, it’s not always obvious if the water is staying on the floor and evaporating into the surrounding air or draining into a space under your tiles. If the leak persists for too long, you might find the integrity of your flooring compromised.
  • Leaks are an invitation for mould. If there is some water intrusion in your floors on in your walls, you may already be harbouring a serious mould problem without even knowing it. This mould can lead to serious health issues and possibly expensive repairs.
  • Your water bills will add up. The longer you ignore a small, “harmless” leak, the more you will end up paying for water you don’t actually use. Not only is it ecologically unsound, but it also makes little financial sense, especially with the risk you are taking with your property.


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It’s not easy to find a plumbing specialist you can trust. And repairing leaky toilets on your own isn’t always as easy as it seems. Thankfully, we have years of experience fixing all kinds of toilet leaks from all causes, for homes and businesses alike.
Here are just a few reasons to choose Property Plumbing & Gas:

  • Fully-qualified plumbers. We make sure all our plumbers have completed their apprenticeship, are fully licensed, and know exactly how to handle any sort of plumbing emergency – and that includes leaky toilets.
  • Background checks on all plumbers.We know how important your trust is. All our plumbers have undergone police background checks to ensure your safety.
  • Quick response times. We offer real plumbing emergency services. You can expect that leaky toilet to be fixed the day you call.
  • We know Western Australia. We have done thousands of jobs in Perth and other parts of Western Australia for several years. We understand the unique challenges of toilet repair and plumbing in the area.

Property Plumbing & Gas PTY LTD

Property Plumbing & Gas is owned by Ben and Ricky Hillman, two brothers with a passion for plumbing. This Perth-based business has earned accolades from home and commercial customers throughout Western Australia for its expertise and customer service.

Contact us or give us a call at 0401 939 332 to repair leaking toilets today.

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