What Are The Different Types Of Hot Water System Installations?

In the middle of an Australian summer, the thought of cooling off in the shower might seem like a very welcoming choice.   There are even individuals who pay good money for cryotherapy, yet still enjoy the luxury of a hot shower to start or finish their day.

When it’s not a choice, and your hot water system has hit the end of its life span, it can make you cringe a little.  Not just because your options are suddenly limited to cold or smelly, but because you can immediately spring to thinking of the costs involved in replacing your once-reliable source of shower warmth.

The good news is that with innovation and technology, your options on a new hot water system installation are not as limited since the last time you went through an installation process.  

‘The four main types of hot water systems available for installation are:

  • Electric
  • Gas
  • Solar
  • Heat Pump

Electric Hot Water Systems

An Electric Hot Water System is generally the most affordable to install, but not necessarily the best choice when it comes to your electricity bill.  They work very much like an electric kettle, with an element heating up the water inside the tank before sending it through pipes to your shower & anywhere else in the house that you have hot water taps.

Gas Hot Water Systems

Using the kettle analogy again, a gas hot water system is similar to the electric hot water system, only the water is heated by a gas burner at the bottom of the tank.

Gas systems tend to be more efficient in heating water, and therefore are smaller in size than electric systems.  You will find gas hot water systems on residential home builds, as they are a good cost-effective option when it comes to installation and operational costs.

Solar Hot Water Systems

A solar hot water system is an eco-friendly choice and works through utilizing solar energy from the sun to power and heat your water.   Solar systems can provide some relief on the utility bills, however, they don’t remove the need to be connected to an alternate source (gas or electric) for the days when cloud cover occurs.

Heat Pumps

Heat Pump water systems are like the love child of an electric hot water system, and, well a fridge.   They are more energy-efficient than an electric hot water system but can be heard turning on and off like a fridge.  Where a fridge works to keep things cool, the heat pump works to extract heat from the surrounding air and heat the water.    

This type of technology comes with a higher price tag upfront, however, it does deliver hefty utility bill savings of up to two-thirds compared to electric hot systems that have been installed.

What about continuous flow or instantaneous hot water?

Both electric and gas hot water systems come with the option of choosing either continuous flow or instantaneous (meaning the water only heats up when a hot water tap is turned on).   Electric systems can have different power requirements though if you are considering the instantaneous system.

The friendly and professional team can help you decide which hot water system is right for you, simply click here to find out more.


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